We provide assistance for expats moving to or living in France


Moving to, or being a property owner in France isn’t easy, however much French you speak. France is well known for its nightmarish administrative systems, with the effect that transactions which have seemed simple in one’s country of origin can seem Byzantine in their complexity…

That’s why we’re here.

It’s always good to know that you have someone able to help with a whole range of tasks, from simple things like arranging to turn your electricity on in a new home, to sorting out your Carte Vitale through to much more complex issues involving e.g. URSSAF or the tax office.

Many people have French or French speaking friends and acquaintances who offer assistance, but sometimes it can become a nuisance to be constantly asking for help.

Admin Aide offers a number of services all aimed at helping you enjoy your time in France rather than spend it worrying!

Who We Are

We are based in the beautiful Languedoc area of Southern France between the sea and the mountains. Luckily, thanks to modern technology, our services are available wherever you are based throughout France, as well as abroad.

I moved to France from the UK as a child in 1989 and have since brought up my son here. I therefore speak fluent French and English and know the French education system from primary school through to university, where I studied law.

Having lived the majority of my life in France, I’ve had to deal with all aspects of French life and the French administrative system, which is indeed as challenging as reputed.

Jessica Hardie

I moved from UK to the beautiful Languedoc area of France in 2005 with my husband, and then six year old daughter. Having made the move myself and lived here for the past ten years I am well experienced in the difficulties and pitfalls of being an expat in France

With a background in business, marketing and design I am very happy to be working with Jess helping other expats realise their dream of living in France.

Jane Stevens

Admin Aide offers a number of services all aimed at helping you enjoy your time in France rather than spending it worrying!


Below we have detailed just some of the services that Admin Aide has helped clients with. If you find that your requirement isn’t on the list, just use the live chat button bottom left of the page or contact us and we can let you know whether it is within our capabilities.
Utilities, Phone and Internet

We can help with any of the below:

  • Setting up all utilities (phone line, internet, gas, electricity, water) **
  • Mobile phone contracts
  • Helping you understand your bills
  • Setting up direct debit payments
  • If you have been overcharged
  • Arrange for bills to be sent to you in your home country

French banks work very differently to the banks of other countries, and require quite a large amount of paperwork just to open an account. We can help you in the following ways so that you don’t end up paying unnecessary costs for late payment of bills or being overdrawn:

  • Opening your bank account with credit cards and cheque book
  • Setting up direct debit payments for bills and taxes
  • Applying for loans and mortgages
  • Attending appointments with you in order to translate
Childcare and Schools

France has very low cost childcare and schooling as it is heavily subsidised by the state. We can help you sort out your rights and requirements. Below are some of the ways we can help you:

  • Registering your children in school / college / lycee
  • Finding pre-school childcare for your children
  • Getting your children into the system and obtaining a Carte Vitale
  • Registering your children with a pediatrician and making appointments with a doctor
  • Registering you with the CAF (Caisse des Allocations Familiales) for family allowance payments
  • Assisting you during your pregnancy

Car and home insurance are a legal requirement in France. We can help you:

  • Obtain insurance quotes for cars, homes, healthcare and more
  • Make insurance claims
  • Obtain quotes for repair work to damaged property/cars
  • Oversee repair work
  • Negotiate a satisfactory settlement
  • Insure a UK/EU registered car in France
Registering a Business

We can help you set up and run a business in France by:

  • Finding you an accountant
  • Helping you register as an auto-entrepreneur **
  • Translate & respond to paperwork regarding the setting up of your business

Registering a foreign vehicle in France can be a lengthy and tedious necessary process. We can help with the following:

  • Changing a foreign car to French plates **
  • Buying a new or second-hand French car **
  • Paying parking or speeding fines
  • Changing your EU licence to a French licence **
  • Sorting out repairs for your car or its controle technique (MOT)
Building and Renovation

We have been involved in renovating a number of properties in France and know the pitfalls to avoid. We can help with any of the following:

  • Submitting minor planning applications for example for extensions
  • Arranging planning permission and installation of swimming pools
  • Finding architects, builders etc.
  • Liaising with the above on your behalf
  • Getting quotes for any works on your property
French Administration

French administration and bureaucracy can be a very slow nightmare! We can deal with it on your behalf  and have a vast amount of experience from a personal and professional perspective. We can assist you in your dealings with the following:

  • The tax office for tax issues, taxe d’habitation and taxe foncière
  • The CAF (Caisse des Allocations Familiales) for family allowance & benefits
  • CPAM (Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie) for healthcare
  • Other healthcare providers such as the RSI
Property Purchases

It can be confusing and difficult purchasing a property in France. We can help you by offering the following:

  • Liaison with agents and notaires
  • Resolving issues during the purchase process
  • Obtaining the necessary reports prior to the sale of your property
  • Advice on issues concerning surveys for lead, termites, asbestos etc
  • Finding out the owner of a particular house or plot
Translation and Interpreting

Being fully bi-lingual in French and English we can:

  • Draft correspondence
  • Make calls on your behalf
  • Act as interpreter in any situation where you require it
  • Obtain certified translations of documents

Healthcare in France is often thought of as the best in the world, and for good reason. There is nevertheless a fair amount of paperwork to wade through to get yourself registered in the French system, and make sure you are correctly reimbursed. We can help with:

  • Getting you registered in the system
  • Obtaining a carte vitale (French healthcare card)
  • Finding and registering with a GP
  • Finding top-up healthcare insurance (known as a mutuelle)
  • Chasing reimbursements

We can assist with anything to do with your pets, including:

  • Making vet appointments
  • Transportation of your animal overseas or within France
  • Finding and booking kennels
  • Arranging pet insurance
  • Sorting out pet passports

It’s always good to know that you have someone able to help with simple as well as complex issues.

Plans and Pricing

We charge hourly at 35€

In blocks of 5 hours at 160€

In blocks of 10 hours at €300

Please contact us for my information and to make payment.

Moving to, or being a property owner in France isn’t easy, however much French you speak.

Who We Deal With

Below are just some of the companies and government bodies we are used to dealing with on a daily basis.

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